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Carl Stanton - Foreman

Meet Carl, our Foreman, we call him "Magic Hands" 🤣
He is practically magic.
No, he doesn't play Magic (The Gathering) or cast "actual" spells, but you should see the smile spells he puts on our customers!
*This is also why he is the Foreman.

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Floor Installed

Whether it be floors or a whole home renovation. The Tile Guys have you, and your floor, covered.

Unlock Happiness

Sit back and enjoy the new space that we created, just for you.

Bronson Flagg - 1st Hand

Meet Bronson, 1st hand to the Foreman, we call him "Branson" 🤣
From diving headfirst into (very) small crawlspaces, chipping up an old floor and replacing it with a new one, or painting an entire home's interior.
He is one of the hardest-working young men we have ever had the privilege to work with.
*This guy is a miracle worker.

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